Managing budget and wellbeing for staff and students

Being a member of a faculty board is a responsible, challenging position… but also rewarding.

You are constantly making choices to improve education, support teaching staff with the best EdTech solutions to reduce the workload and offer the best possible education where students benefit most.

You strive to deliver a considerable contribution to education and the status of your university!

  • How did COVID-19 interfere with your strategy?
  • Were you ready to provide distance learning?
  • Did you change your view on digital/e-learning?
  • Is your teaching staff asking for more EdTech support?

Over the past eight years, we became experts in blending digital learning into physical learning. In addition, we have advised several reputable faculty boards about practical education, that part of education which has suffered most from COVID-19 measures.

Read below how we can make it easier for you as well!

Our advice

Budgets aren't endless, unfortunately.

But currently, there are more possibilities than before. Many governments have launched programs in mid-2021 to support education financially. On the one hand, to repair a backlog in results of students; on the other hand to take precautions to prevent the recurrence of situations like that caused by COVID-19 to education.

The Dutch government supports education with hundreds of millions in the so-called “catch-up and support programs” (inhaal- en ondersteuningsprogramma’s),  whereas Belgium launches its “Lead fund” (het Voorsprongfonds) program. 

These programs can help a lot in realising your vision for future education. Do you feel the urge to move forward rapidly, which will also come with higher spending than anticipated? Next to these programs, LabBuddy makes it a lot easier for you in that perspective.

Accelerator Program

LabBuddy launches its Accelerator program. This program aims explicitly at making great strides in realising your future-proof vision of education. Our focus in this 2-year program is to work with you to improve education as quickly as possible. We also invest in this program to assure your budget is adequate to make those significant steps with us.

Does this sound too good to be true?

We have done it before together with other universities. So just find out if we can be of help for you as well and get in contact. We are looking forward to that! 


Let’s find out together how LabBuddy can improve your lab education.​

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