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The story behind LabBuddy

LabBuddy evolved from the Ph.D. research of Koos van der Kolk. During his Ph.D. research at Wageningen University and Research at the department of Food Chemistry, he investigated how e-learning would increase study results in the lab, using the best instructional designs of educational literature. 

During his research, he was struck by the fact that students posed so many so-called ‘low-level questions’ to teachers. It became his mission to try to diminish the percentage of these kinds of questions to create more time for teachers to have real, in-depth discussions with their students. This was the beginning of LabBuddy.

In 2013, the company LabBuddy was born. Nowadays, LabBuddy is used in almost every university in The Netherlands. Next to that, we are also making a growing impression abroad.

The people at LabBuddy are a group of dedicated experts who are all convinced of the company’s mission: 

“Create researchers, not cooks”

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Meet the team

Koos van der Kolk, PhD

Founder & CEO

I love to explain difficult subjects to my three little sons, and watch the twinkle appear in their eyes when they suddenly understand something new.

After graduating in Bioprocess Engineering, I started pursuing a PhD degree at the Wageningen University laboratory of Food Chemistry. My main assignment was to design and evaluate an e-learning solution to improve food chemistry laboratory education. Eventually my research let to a dissertation and several e-learning tools, which we bundled under the umbrella of LabBuddy. Because we saw a great future for LabBuddy, I decided to bring the tools to the market.

My job is to ensure the development of LabBuddy so that it increasingly supports students and teachers in the laboratory. It is also my responsibility to make sure our company runs as smoothly as possible. Making other people’s lives easier greatly energizes me, especially if it can be done with high-tech e-learning tools like LabBuddy.

Rens van Wingerden

Commercial director

After 15 years of working in the e-learning industry, I still love what I do. Guiding LabBuddy into the international education market…

is a privilege. Next to that, I enjoy supporting my colleagues in further expanding the Dutch market.

Dealing with new countries, cultures, and different ways of implementing education makes it an exciting journey.

With Koos van der Kolk, I look for new strategies, collaborations, and further product development. Out of many conversations with teachers and educational developers, I discuss their needs with our product development team. In this way, we respond well-timed to the market, and we work continuously towards a solid and stable organisation for our current and future customers.

I am therefore happy to be part of the beautiful journey that we have ahead in the coming years.

Tineke Bijl,

Head E-learning

I like to create e-learning that results in better understanding for students, so that they have a clear overview of the practical and understand what …

they are doing. In my role as an e-learning developer I help teachers to maximize the potential of LabBuddy in their laboratory courses. This means I advise and support teachers and create e-learning content.

My MSc in biology provides me with the knowledge and higher order thinking skills to create e-learning content on a level that aligns with the courses. 

Rob Hartog, PhD


I am always in search of tools and ideas that leverage the efforts of teachers and give them satisfaction.
I support other …

team members by providing requirements for e-learning solutions and evaluating e-learning solutions, partly based on my own experience of several decades as a teacher and e-learning project manager, but also of course on the large body of scientific literature in the relevant disciplines.

I like to think about visualization of basic scientific concepts, diagramming and infographics. Also, I have been interested in research paradigms for a long time. In particular, I would like to see education as a design and engineering challenge and to connect this with a design-related research paradigm. I expect that this would enable us to improve the quality of our education methods.

Carolien Koppejan, BSc

Lab education consultant

I just love calling and connecting with people. 
I enjoy hearing how enthusiastic students and teachers are about LabBuddy…. 

This motivates me to make LabBuddy more widely known. I believe every teacher likes to save time for deeper questions about the content of the course and in this way improve the learning outcome. Together we make lab courses work!

Bianca Bakker

Lab education consultant

I really love the atmosphere within LabBuddy! Although I have no background in the field of education, joining the company felt like a …

warm bath. The positivity of the LabBuddy users is extremely inspiring, motivating me to fulfil my goal to expand the use of LabBuddy in the Netherlands!

Andrea Postmus-Klüche, MSc

E-learning specialist

I was one of those students who came to lab unprepared and had no clue about what was going on during a practical. Only when writing a report…

I could connect the dots. LabBuddy would have made a great difference for me. Now I am making a difference for many laboratory practical classes every day!

Each practical situation is unique which calls for creative solutions. The enthusiasm of teachers for their course is one of my greatest motivations. My master in Animal Sciences stimulated my inquisitive mind to ask questions. I love to understand how things work and how they can be improved. My challenge is to restructure information and puzzle until it all comes together in a clear and logical way.

Tila Menzel, PhD

E-learning specialist

I like to help students to gain a thorough understanding about the practical activities they are engaged in, and to make teaching easier for instructors.

During my time as an as a BSc and MSc student, I took part in many practical classes and often wished that instructors would provide more information. Later, during my time as a PhD student at Wageningen UR, I was teaching practicals so came to understand the time limitations of the instructors as well, and how routine procedures often become self-explanatory to instructors over time.

I wish Labbuddy had already been available when I was a student, and genuinely believe that Labbuddy can bring students and instructors closer, by preventing cognitive overload situations

Furumaya, MSc

E-learning specialist

As an e-learning developer at LabBuddy, I feel like I am contributing to science in the best way imaginable. I love combining my lab experience with my …

enthusiasm for improving education to make sure future scientists are trained as well as possible.

I have a background in molecular and cellular biology and first worked with LabBuddy as a practical course assistant. During my PhD, I was involved in the transition of an immunology course to a LabBuddy practical. In the ExperD, students better understand the connection between experiments and prepare for them by answering encouraging questions. Having witnessed this improvement from close-by, I feel excited working together with teachers to reach the same goal!

Dijkstra, PhD

E-learning specialist

At LabBuddy, I am happy to be able to support the next generation(s) of scientists. I still remember the feeling at the start of my first internship: I had no idea …  

how to do research. In LabBuddy, I recognize the way of working that I have developed while working in the lab. I believe that if I would have had LabBuddy during my education, I would have started my internship years ago with some more confidence.

I love to support teachers to make the most of their practical classes in my role as e-learning developer. My experience in biotechnology (BSc), microbiology (PhD) and over 15 years of laboratory work help me to do so. 


Software engineer

When I was an Electronic Engineering student at the University of Twente, I started working on some e-learning projects for the faculty of Educational …

Science and Technology.

This sparked my interest in learning technology, and I have been developing e-learning software for more than 30 years now.

It is my job to make sure that the LabBuddy software keeps improving all the time.

Vadim Gnidashev

Software engineer

Seconded from Alpha Web Group.


UK lab education consultant

Based in the beautiful county of Cornwall, UK. I enjoy the outdoors and walking the coastal paths with my dogs.
I have a passion for training and my own self-development, having worked in sales and marketing in the tech sector for many years. My husband and I took the opportunity to buy an old Manor House hotel. As a qualified chef, I enjoyed helping young trainee chefs and hospitality staff achieve their goals and ambitions. After selling the hotel, I moved into education, training chefs and hospitality students through a blended approach of e-learning and face-to-face. LabBuddy’s invitation to represent them in the UK was the perfect next step for me. It allows me to combine my passion for education with my skills as an entrepreneur. I am very happy to now be part of the “LabBuddy family” and bring their technology to the UK.

Corporate social responsibility

We strongly believe that it is important to give something back to the world

We strongly believe that it is important to give something back to the world. Therefore, we invest in various charity projects. 


At LabBuddy we are passionate about education.

Although education alone will never solve the world’s problems, we do think that it can have a huge positive impact on people’s lives. We are therefore very happy that LabBuddy has become a partner of the EduKans foundation!

EduKans’ mission is to create opportunities enabling children and young people to shape their futures with confidence. They provide marginalised children and youngsters around the world with basic education and vocational training and focus on four key themes: quality basic education, vocational education, education in emergencies and equal opportunities for boys and girls.

For more information: https://www.edukans.nl (Dutch)  or https://edukans.org (English)

Trees for All


LabBuddy has always had a heart for the world around us. Therefore, we are happy that we are minimizing our carbon footprint by having become a CO2-partner of Trees for All. They plant trees, restore existing forest and contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions for local people. Not only close to home, but also further away in developing countries. They are the only foundation in The Netherlands with CBF Certification offering CO2 offset through sustainable forest projects.

For more information, look at their website: https://treesforall.nl/en/ (English) or https://treesforall.nl/ (Dutch).



Interested to work at LabBuddy?

At this moment, we do not have vacancies. Feel free to send your open application to us if you are interested in expanding your career at LabBuddy!