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LabBuddy evolved from the PhD research of Koos van der Kolk. During his PhD at the Department of Food Chemistry at Wageningen University and Research, he investigated how e-learning would increase study results in the lab, using the latest insights in instructional design from educational literature.

The story behind LabBuddy

During his research, Koos was struck by the fact that students posed so many so-called ‘low-level questions’ to teachers. It became his mission to try to diminish the percentage of these kinds of questions to create more time for teachers to have real, in-depth discussions with their students. This was the beginning of LabBuddy.

In 2013, the company LabBuddy was born. Nowadays, LabBuddy is used in almost every university in The Netherlands. Next to that, we are also making a growing impression abroad.

The people at LabBuddy are a group of dedicated experts who are all convinced of the company’s mission:

“To enhance practical education worldwide”

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Amber Gerritsen

In a society where more and more takes place online and is represented in a visual way, it is very important that our education adjusts to this way of life. Especially with the increasing pressure teachers experience due to increasing student numbers, it is even more important to use tools that can offer support in this area.


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ISO Certification

Kryt B.V., the company responsible for LabBuddy, operates an information security management system that complies with the requirements in ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for the development, delivery and support of e-learning software, as defined by management and in accordance with our statement of applicability. We will send you this statement of applicability on request.

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