LabBuddy Training

At LabBuddy we gladly help you to get the most out of our e-learning tool. We offer several training programs to teach you how to use the tool both technically and didactically.

A must-have for any teacher using LabBuddy!


This training is intended for every teacher starting with LabBuddy for the first time. This training enables you to discuss the development of your practicals together with the e-learning developer of LabBuddy.

In this training, we will go through the basic functionality of the interface, and we will discuss some educational applications. Some of the items in the training program are as follows:

  • Explanation of "Prepare" and "Work" mode and the differences between them.
  • Explanation of various buttons in LabBuddy and their operation
  • How to easily adjust texts yourself
  • What do the reports look like, and how can you monitor students in the back end of LabBuddy?


Learning the interface, easy editing, and reports to get the most out of your practicals


LabBuddy is based on various educational principles with which many teachers have already achieved successful experiences in their practicals. We are happy to share these experiences and knowledge with you in this training as well.

The duration of this "Bronze" training is half a day (3-4 hours).

The training is organized online via a Teams or Zoom meeting. Training is possible at either our office or your location. However, as this may affect the costs, we will be happy to discuss this.

The investment for the online training is € 450.00 for the first participant. Multiple participants are welcome at no additional cost! (with a maximum of 4 participants in total).
All mentioned rates are exclusive of VAT.

With this training, you can be sure that your first practical will be a success!

One step deeper than Bronze. Creating questions and feedback.

This training is intended for any teacher who wants to spend a little more time maintaining LabBuddy and who wants to create questions and feedback.

In this training, we assume that the participants are familiar with LabBuddy and have knowledge of the "Bronze" training.

In this training, we will discuss the following:

  • The functionality in LabBuddy to create closed questions
  • How to develop and formulate feedback
  • Developing questions from an educational point of view
  • The types of questions and where they are best applied


Better understanding of the software and applying didactics.

The training does not only cover explanations, but we immediately start working together in the LabBuddy software. This is the best way to experience how the software works and discover how to develop questions and feedback.

We can well imagine that once you get started, questions still arise. After the training, you are entitled to an hour of complimentary support.

The duration of this Silver training is half a day (3-4 hours).

The training is organised online in a Teams or Zoom meeting. Training is possible at either our office or your location. However, as this may affect the costs, we will be happy to discuss this.

The investment for this online training is € 950.00 for the first participant. More participants are welcome at a small additional cost of € 100.00 per person with a maximum of four people.
All mentioned rates are exclusive of VAT.

With this training, you can independently adjust questions, create new questions, and provide them with feedback. This way, you can modify your LabBuddy course at any time that suits you.

And if it does not suit you, you can always count on the LabBuddy support, and we will carry out the work for you!

Become an expert just like us!


This training is intended for those who want to implement a practical in LabBuddy completely independently, but according to the LabBuddy standard!

This training focuses on various aspects of implementing LabBuddy in a practical. It includes educational principles and all functionality that LabBuddy offers. Knowledge of educational science and good computer skills are required! Having some programming knowledge is an advantage.

However, that knowledge alone does not guarantee a successful LabBuddy implementation. Well-considered choices in the interplay between educational science and the functionality in LabBuddy make it successful. We will train you at the knowledge level of our e-learning developers.

Some of the items we cover in this training are as follows:

  • Basic knowledge of LabBuddy, both technical and educational
  • Setting up and working with the Experiment Designer
  • Implementing automated feedback in the Experiment Designer
  • Setting up a Web Lab Manual
  • Creating Closed Questions with feedback
  • Operation of the LabJournal
  • Manage student accounts and access
  • Explanation of the Back end of LabBuddy; reports etc.

Create your entire LabBuddy course!


The training includes instructions that allow us to start working together immediately. So, it will be real hands-on training. First, you will work on a particular practical you want to implement into LabBuddy; you need to send us that practical manual in advance. Then, during the training, we start with the LabBuddy implementation for that practical. This means that you do not only learn how to make a LabBuddy implementation, but you also get started right away with your first implementation!

The "Gold" training lasts three days and includes lunch. The first and second days are full training days, including a hotel stay with dinner. The third day is a "refresh day". During the "refresh day," we will discuss your most recent experiences and answer specific questions, and we will continue to work on your LabBuddy implementation.

The training takes place at our office. Training at your location is negotiable, which may result in additional costs.

The investment for this training is € 4,495.00 per participant. In addition to the training, you will have free support throughout the year.

Expert training


After the training, we will stay in touch! We can well imagine that once you get started, all kinds of questions will arise. That is why we organise an "expert training" (at our office) twice a year, including lunch. In half a day (3 hours), we support you on one of the following matters:

  • View and advise in a design that you are working on
  • Demonstration and instruction of new functionalities
  • Specific explanation as required
  • Discuss recent experiences from other Universities

In the remaining time, you can work on your LabBuddy design with us on hand to help.

The two moments of "expert training" are a recurring event every year and are mandatory to participate in as long as you implement LabBuddy in practicals. In this way, you will be informed of the most recent developments and "best practices" from the market and thus develop the best LabBuddy courses! In addition, we both guarantee the quality that the LabBuddy label stands for.

The annual expert training courses cost € 1,295.00 per participant. During the whole year, you have free access to our support.

All rates mentioned are exclusive of VAT.

If the government's Corona measures preclude physical visits, the training will take place online.