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As Director of Education, you have various responsibilities. One of these is most likely implementing the vision of educational innovation within the organisation.

We offer teachers and students the

best of class-based and digital learning

LabBuddy proved to be a unique evidence-based solution for teachers and students to cope with changing demands regarding didactics and education technology. With our e-learning solution, we offer teachers and students the best of class-based learning and digital learning.

How do you keep abreast of developments in the educational field? And how do you make choices from the various technological developments?

Let’s say you determined the general direction of your programme; how do you convince your education team and your students to walk in that direction?

All in all, a challenging task!

Fortunately, you are not alone in this. Many of your fellow program directors experience the same challenges.

Although, many of them have implemented education innovation successfully.

But how did they do it?

LabBuddy spoke with many of them and made them see the forest for the trees again. Read our advice below and get inspired!

Find the right partner

If educational innovation is a spearhead at your university, our advice is to work with a partner in this area. You will profit from the external knowledge and the experience of that partner. The way students learn at your institute, so you can learn from a partner!

Choose the partner you want to work with based on your educational vision. Sharing the same vision creates a solid foundation and a successful implementation of that educational vision.

Expert in lab education innovation

LabBuddy is a partner whose vision is based on its own scientific research and other scientific educational literature. That vision is translated into an e-learning solution which is the digital learning component next to the regular lab work.

The success of our e-learning solution is based on more than 350 different implementations. That makes us experts in implementing education innovation. Furthermore, we ensure support of the education team and its teachers by using a unique approach.

Teachers love our approach!

This approach consists of, among other things, translating the teaching material of the relevant teacher by the LabBuddy team into the e-learning tool. LabBuddy relieves the teacher by taking all the work off their hands! Every LabBuddy implementation is always a matter of customisation that we develop further in consultation with the teacher. The teachers use their own teaching materials and next to that they experience all the advantages of the LabBuddy e-learning solution.

Experience shows that, with our approach, teachers will embrace your educational vision and innovation.

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