General questions

We do almost all the work for you!

We have a team of e-learning developer experts that have the same background as your students! We implement your course manual into the LabBuddy environment. That will save you loads of work, the time you can spend on your daily work. 

Of course we have bi-weekly 30 minute meetings to review the process.

There are two types of annual costs: Student license fees (teacher licences are included) and support usage. We charge support usage via so-called 15-minute tickets. 

Besides the annual costs there are one-off costs for the creation of each Lab course/practical into LabBuddy. Depending on the size of your lab course, we estimate the time we need to spend. Based on that we send you a quotation. This includes the complete integration of your lab manual into the LabBuddy environment, creation of questions, answers and feedback, creation of the Experiment Designer, project management and much more.

LabBuddy always creates custom-built lab courses based on a teacher’s lab manual. The success of LabBuddy is partly thanks to the integration of the teachers material combined with our expertise in digital learning. Together with the teachers, we create modern lab courses in a blended learning approach.

Yes, LabBuddy is the digital learning part in current lab classes, and it has been frequently used for distance learning in the COVID-19 period. Many teachers recorded lab experiments and added these into LabBuddy. (see also: “Can I integrate any videos into LabBuddy?”)

The majority of all lab classes restricted by the COVID-19 measures could continue thanks to the use of LabBuddy. Because physical education can be completely restricted during a lockdown, an e-learning solution as LabBuddy offers a perfect opportunity to extend the curriculum into a more digital version. (see also: “Does LabBuddy support distance learning?”)

Based on our scientific research in lab education, we have seen that the level of support of teachers and assistants to students sharply decreases when LabBuddy is used. In some instances, support went up from one assistant for ten students to 15 students and once LabBuddy was fully integrated, we saw situations where one assistant could manage 20 students. 

That means that with the use of LabBuddy, more students can be supported by teachers and assistants and maintain the desired level of quality at the same time. Would you please use our contact form if you require more information on achieving this for your institute?

Legal questions

Kryt B.V., the company responsible for LabBuddy, operates an information security management system that complies with the requirements in ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for the development, delivery and support of e-learning software, as defined by management and in accordance with our statement of applicability. We will send you this statement of applicability on request.

All information about students and teachers (names, e-mail addresses, results) is treated as strictly confidential according to GDPR rules. Our servers are located in an ISO27001 compliant data centre in the Netherlands. Upon request, we can also take into account other specific laws and regulations. This will all be taken up in a processor agreement.

All content supplied by a customer remains their intellectual property. In case agreed with the use of the creative common license LabBuddy may use the content to speed up the creation of other LabBuddy practicals for other universities or colleges of science. There is always the choice not to agree with the creative commons license.

Personal data (e-mail address) is required to authenticate users in our e-learning solution. These data are stored for the period as agreed upon in a processing agreement as required by the GDPR.

Technical questions

No, LabBuddy is a web-based application. It works on all devices with a modern web browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).

LabBuddy does not impose particular demands for network bandwidth, but when you want to use high-definition instruction videos, sufficient bandwidth is recommended.

In the ideal situation, desktops are integrated into the lab. This is not necessary, though. Any mobile device can be used as long as it connects to the internet. This means that (WiFi) internet connections should be available in the lab. If the usage of devices may cause a risk of contamination, plastic bags can be used to protect smartphones and tablets against contamination and hazards. We advise using Chromebooks, laptops or desktops as these are fitted with a mouse and keyboard.  In case fieldwork is part of a lab course, students can work on a mobile device with the mobile version of LabBuddy.

Teaching lab fitted with integrated desktops

Yes, it is possible to set up an LTI connection with the most common used Learning Management Systems, which allows students to access LabBuddy directly without logging in.

A well prepared student has successfully completed the experiment design and answered all questions correctly. This can easily be monitored. (see also: Can I keep track of student progress?)

In the back-end of LabBuddy, you can use several standard reports, which will give you instant insight into the progress made by a group of students or independent students. Some examples of available information:

  • the status of the experiment design
  • how many questions were answered correctly
  • the number of attempts.

This allows you to select students that may need some extra attention.

Interested in whether more information is available? Just send us a request via ‘Contact’.

LabBuddy is not designed as a testing tool. However, LabBuddy is often used to determine students’ access to enter the lab, based on LabBuddy’s preparation phase results. The reason behind this: a poorly prepared student might cause implications to the speed and quality of the practical. (see also: Can I keep track of student progress?)

Yes, students can work in groups and even assign tasks. If they work on one computer/device in the lab, they can download their notes and send them to each other. Students can still answer questions individually.

Yes, it is possible for students to prepare for their practical in groups or as individuals.

LabBuddy is completely customised to the teachers’ practical. It is possible to edit and make changes after the first set-up is done. We will show you during the implementation process how to make simple edits. For more in-depth changes we are able to support you with one of our advanced trainings

Of course, you can! LabBuddy is, by all means, the place to implement video’s as it is your digital learning solution in your practical. It is possible to link to any YouTube or Vimeo video’s which have permission to be embedded on other sites. Jove videos can be shown with a special module, as long as your institute has access to these videos. Videos made by you or your institute can also be uploaded. The use of other video platforms is (not yet) possible.

Access questions

If you are a student, please ask this question to your teacher. If you are a teacher and have problems logging in, please send your question to the LabBuddy support department.

In most cases, you automatically log in via your local Learning Management System. If you require a username to log in, it will be your institute’s unique email address or student number. In case you do not know what to use, please ask your teacher.

If you do not remember your password, you can request a new password by clicking Request new password on the login screen.

  • If the student cannot log in because the account activation link has expired: the student can request a new password at the login window on your LabBuddy site.
  • If the previously set student login credentials are not accepted: check if the student is visiting the correct LabBuddy address. If yes, then request a new password. If not, please point the student to the right LabBuddy site.
  • Or check if the students’ email address has changed. In that case, send an email to our support department.

If you cannot log in because the account activation link has expired: It will simply need a new password request at the login window on your LabBuddy site.

Is your question not yet answered? Contact us at info@labbuddy.net