Most laboratory classes suffer from the same issues: Students start unprepared, blindly follow instructions, get mentally overloaded and present teachers with an endless stream of questions. Wouldn’t it be great if laboratory courses could be better organized and more effective?

Meet LabBuddy.

LabBuddy is a tool designed by scientists to improve laboratory education. It helps students prepare for experiments and supports them in the lab. As a result students ask fewer questions, saving teachers time.

LabBuddy has three components: Closed Question, Experiment Designer and Web Lab Manual.

Closed Question

Let students prepare with automated feedback

Experiment Designer

Stimulate inquiry without hassle

Web Lab Manual

Support students while saving time

Let students prepare with automated feedback

Unprepared students are a great burden for lab class teachers. Not only do they make a lot of unnecessary mistakes, they also need much supervision. With Closed Question teachers have a powerful tool to let students prepare for their laboratory class. Closed Question excels in its feedback system, which allows for feedback tailored to the needs of the individual student.

Teachers can follow students’ progress in various dashboards. Closed Question is tightly integrated with the Experiment Designer and the Web Lab Manual.

With Closed Question no student will enter the lab unprepared!

Stimulate inquiry without hassle

Research shows that it is good to stimulate inquiry in the lab. Inquiry education can require much extra work for teachers. With Experiment Designer (ExperD) students can reap the benefits of inquiry education without hassle for teachers. ExperD lets students design their own laboratory experiments while supporting them with automated feedback and design questions. Teachers stay in complete control: designs can be as closed or open-ended as desired.

While students work in the lab they can use ExperD to keep an overview of the work at hand. Students can also store their results in ExperD, divide tasks and keep track of their progress. Teachers can monitor students’ progress in real time.

Support students while saving time

The Web Lab Manual (WebLM) turns the traditional passive laboratory manual into a activating student support tool. WebLM allows teachers to add preparation questions to the method text.

In the lab, WebLM supports student with just-in-time information: what equipment looks like, where it can be found, hazards, instruction movies, etc. This saves teachers up to 33% of supervision time. Of course students can add their lab journal notes to WebLM. The tool can even provide instant feedback on results, letting students immediately understand why experiments worked out well (or not so well).

What do teachers say?

“For the first time, teaching assistants received zero practical questions and dozens of in-depth questions!”

“LabBuddy saves us plenty of time on the lab.”

“Students indicated that this was the first laboratory class were they actually learned something!”

In short: Why LabBuddy?

Make students prepare

Motivate students to prepare and offer them support.

Stimulate inquiry

Prevent recipe-following behavior and stimulate inquiry in the lab.

Support students

Let student focus on reaching the learning outcomes in the lab.

Reduce time investment

Let LabBuddy answer questions and automatically give feedback.

% of the students rated LabBuddy 'very positively'
questions answered by LabBuddy in a 2 week lab course
% more students one supervisor can handle

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