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LabBuddy was developed and designed by scientists with extensive knowledge of laboratory education and a thorough understanding of the problems involved. Tailored to meet the specific needs of lab teachers, it represents the optimum in e-learning and inquiry based teaching for laboratory education. With LabBuddy, teachers can now realize laboratory classes that meet high educational standards, without the effort that would be required using traditional methods of teaching.

Closed Question

Stimulate students and help them to prepare with tailored feedback

Experiment Designer

Stimulate inquiry in the laboratory

Web Lab Manual

Improve learning with just-in-time information

Make students prepare with tailored feedback

When students come to your lab classes fully prepared for their experiments, the success rate of the course increases dramatically. The number of unnecessary mistakes goes down, together with the amount of supervision they need.

LabBuddy’s Closed Question functionality compels students to prepare and lets teachers follow their progress in various dashboards. Its elaborate feedback system responds to the needs of the individual student. Closed Question is tightly integrated with the other two components of LabBuddy: Experiment Designer and the Web Lab Manual.

Thanks to Closed Question, no student will enter the lab unprepared.

Stimulate inquiry without extra effort

Effective laboratory education encourages and supports inquiry in the lab rather than cookbook-following behavior, but with traditional methods this creates much extra work for teachers. The solution to this dilemma is Experiment Designer, or ExperD in short.

ExperD activates students by supporting them with automated feedback and design questions while they design their own laboratory experiments. In the lab, they can use ExperD to keep an overview of the work at hand. Students can also divide tasks, store their results, and keep track of their progress in ExperD. As a teacher you can monitor students’ progress in real time. You stay in complete control: designs can be as closed or open-ended as desired.

With Experiment Designer, cookbook-style labs are a thing of the past.

Improve learning with just-in-time information

The Web Lab Manual (WebLM) transforms the traditional passive laboratory manual into an activating student support tool. By presenting only information that is relevant to the situation, it prevents cognitive overload and allows students to focus on what matters.

In the lab, WebLM supports every student with just-in-time information in the form of text, diagrams or video instructions: what the necessary equipment looks like, where it can be found, what the potential hazards are, etc. This saves teachers up to 33% of supervision time.

Students can of course add their lab journal notes to WebLM. The tool can even provide instant feedback on results, immediately making students understand why an experiment did or didn’t work out.

The Web Lab Manual improves the learning process while reducing supervision time.

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