Exercises for pH mastery | The implementation will proceed!

A few weeks ago, we launched a pre-sale action for the development of an Adaptive Case where students can learn everything they need to know about pH – see this news item. We now have good news: we will proceed with the implementation! 

Did you miss out on the pre-sale action, but do you have to spend a lot of time explaining the meaning of pH? Do your students struggle with the concept of strong and weak acids and bases? Would you like to give them more practice with calculations regarding pH without spending your own time?

You can still benefit from the adaptive case – see all details below!

Let your students practice with a variety of calculations regarding pH, in our Adaptive Case! In this online module, students will learn about strong and weak acids and bases, how to calculate the pH, use the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation, interpret titration curves and calculate buffer recipes.

Get your students from pH newbies
to pH masters!

for only

In an Adaptive Case, the student receives questions about a specific learning goal until this goal is achieved. The system automatically detects when a student is struggling with a learning goal and offers exercises in underlying learning goals, as a result each student follows his or her own learning path. Moreover, you can customize this case fully to your wishes!

The main learning goals included in the Adaptive Case are:

  • The student knows what strong acids and strong bases are and can calculate the pH based on given molarities, masses, and volumes.
  • The student knows what weak acids and weak bases are and can calculate the pH based on given molarities and dissociation constants.
  • The student can calculate the concentration of the sample solution (strong/weak acid/base) from titration results (acid-base titration).
  • The student can derive the dissociation constant of a weak acid or weak base from a titration curve.
  • The student can calculate how to prepare a buffer with a desired pH and concentration.

The Adaptive Case pH contains over 70 Closed Questions with realistic randomized values, resulting in an infinite number of question variants. Now available for only €1.250*!

The content of the Adaptive Case pH is available in English and Dutch. You can select your preference when you request a quotation.

*Excl VAT, if you’re not a LabBuddy user, additional costs may apply.

All content is fully customizable!

Once you receive the Adaptive Case pH, you can:

  • Remove learning goals
  • Add learning goals
  • Adapt learning goals
  • Remove ClosedQuestions
  • Add ClosedQuestions
  • Adapt ClosedQuestions
  • Add or change explanations


The actual development costs for this Adaptive Case are about €8000*. Because we are going to develop this Adaptive Case, and sell it as is, we can offer it for €1.250*. 

The Adaptive Case will be delivered at the start of the new academic year (2024/2025). Invoicing will occur upon delivery. Terms & Conditions apply.

If you’re not a current LabBuddy user, additional cost may apply.

*Excl VAT

Request a non-binding quotation!


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