Training lab teaching

We developed a training on teaching in the lab, in which we will provide teachers with tips and tricks that will help them inspire student learning in the lab.

Laboratory course teaching fundamentals

Teaching seems easy……..

………until the moment you need to teach!

Teaching is a true profession, but everyone can learn how to teach.

Do you need to teach because of your Ph.D. study, or are you a teacher by profession? Do you want to learn the basic teaching skills for teaching in the lab? Or do you like to understand how current didactical and technical skills work for modern lab education?

We share our best expertise in teaching lab education based on multiple years of experience and scientific educational research.

In this course we will discuss what happens in the laboratory, what behaviour students exhibit, and how to explain this behaviour. Then, knowing what is causing students behaviour, you can apply methods and techniques to motivate them.

Many teachers and teaching assistants slightly dread teaching laboratory courses. These courses can be very intense since many things happen simultaneously in a laboratory with students. It can be difficult for a teacher to decide what to do in a specific situation. In this short and interactive course, we will look at the laboratory practical from an educational perspective. What is happening in the minds of students in the lab? How can we as teachers increase the chance that students genuinely learn something relevant from their laboratory courses?

Based on our experience and expertise, we developed a two-day training.

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