LabBuddy’s 9th birthday!

We have a present for you!

It’s LabBuddy’s 9th birthday! To celebrate this, we have a gift for you: the Adaptive Self-test. From today onwards, this new functionality will be available to you!

What is this Adaptive Self-test exactly?

The Adaptive Self-test can be used for formative assessment. In other words, students can check whether they have achieved specific learning outcomes and check whether they are able to answer corresponding exam-level questions. When a student doesn’t know the answer to a question, the Adaptive Self-test registers this and will subsequently direct the student to questions about the sub-learning goals. Such questions provide relevant background information and answer-specific feedback. Once the student correctly answers the sub-level questions, the system will change back to the exam-level questions. This Adaptive Self-test functionality will ensure that every student gets the best possible learning journey.

Below, you see three screenshots of what the Adaptive self-test looks like. In the first screenshot, you see the banner that shows the time and the students’ progress towards earning badges, followed by the actual question.

In the screenshot below, you seen an example of feedback provided to students. This feedback is based on the students’ success in answering the questions, and in this example suggests the student to practice a sub-learning goal. 

In the screenshot below, you see the overview that is provided to teachers, in which they can see which students have completed the Adaptive Self-test, along with several interesting statistics.

Two examples of an exam question with sub-learning goals

  1. Exam question: How can the presence of sulphate reducing bacteria in a sediment sample be confirmed?
    • Metabolic pathways of bacteria
      • Anaerobe/aerobe respiration
      • Autotroph/heterotroph
    • Microbial detection methods
      • Bacteria morphology
  2. Exam question: how can acetyl salicylic acid be extracted from an aqueous solution?
    • Dissociation constants
    • Liquid-liquid extraction
      • Acid and bases
      • Partition coefficient logP
        • Solubility
        • Polarity

The Adaptive Self-test in your education

The Adaptive Self-test can be incorporated in any field of science. It consists of closed questions (related to the learning goals). You can use motivational elements such as badges, stars, and timers to increase student motivation. Would you like to use the Adaptive Self-test in your education? Let us know! Send an email to your contact person at LabBuddy or to

The LabBuddy team.
Enhancing laboratory education

__________________________________________________The software behind the Adaptive Self-test has been developed for this SURF project:

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