What do we offer?

LabBuddy offers many solutions to enhance education. The e-learning solution contains the build-in Experiment Design Tool (Experiment Designer) and offers students a toolbox and a canvas to design the experiment to answer a research question. LabBuddy is designed to be used in various ways to improve the learning process of students at B.Sc and M.Sc level.

Our team of e-learning specialists is well versed and is able to set up your LabBuddy e-learning solution accustomed to your needs, with minimal effort from your side.

With LabBuddy, you can now realize laboratory classes that meet high educational standards, without the effort that would be required using traditional methods of teaching.

Would you like a deeper understanding of how LabBuddy works, or would you like to customize the Experiment Designer yourself? Learn how to do this in a LabBuddy training!

A tool based on education science!

The e-learning tool LabBuddy is based on scientific research.

Years of experience and insight in how lab education is given lead us to a course in which teacher and assistants can learn how to teach lab classes so that the learning outcome is optimized!

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