Webinar: Do we return to normal laboratory classes?
or is normal no longer the norm anymore?

Webinar June 10 at 10:00 am (CEST Amsterdam)

Are you also looking forward to leaving the Covid-19 period behind and return to the normal situation where you can socialise with all your students during lectures and in lab rooms again?

New developments indicate that the Covid measures will be eased and eventually disappear in the foreseeable future. But what does this mean for your lab education? Do you completely return to the ‘old-normal’, or have you gained new insights and intend to incorporate this into a ‘new-normal’ situation?
During this webinar, a selection of European speakers will share their vision on how to fully resume lab education. 

The experts, Janine Geerling (University of Utrecht), Joel Loveridge (Swansea University) and Robert Kourist (TU Graz) will answer various questions such as:

  • How to prepare for full lab education again?
  • If there are lessons learned during this Covid-19 period, what are these lessons?
  • Do you think the ‘old-normal’ will return and lab education remains the same?
  • If the ‘old-normal’ does not return, what changes do you expect to implement into your lab education? What will be the impact of these changes on your lectures and lab classes?

After each interview, some questions of participants will be answered. It might be your question!
The webinar will take place on June 10, 2021 at 10:00 (CEST Amsterdam).

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Attend the webinar and gain valuable information about the practical implementation of lab education after Covid-19.
We are looking forward to welcoming you at the webinar!
The LabBuddy team