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Present-day Practicals – 22 August 2019

LabBuddy co-organizes, the 3rd Symposium Present-day Practicals.

The purpose of this symposium is to increase the quality of laboratory education based on recent insights from educational literature and to share insights. After the success of the meetings on laboratory education in 2017 and 2018, this year’s edition focuses on research-based learning. We wish to inspire you to create an ultimate learning experience for your laboratory course students.

This year, the University of Amsterdam is hosting the symposium.

For detailed information on the program and registration, visit the website: .

How the LabBuddy logo is branded

As one of our loyal customers you received our Christmas card including a practical gift. We have invited you to have a look here how we branded our logo on the phone/tablet standard. We welcome you to have a look at the video and we hope you will enjoy our gift.

We wish you Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!

The LabBuddy team

LabBuddy is serving more than 10.000 students this year!

November 28, 2018: The dashboard in our office shows the fantastic number of 10.000. Meaning, 10.000 students are using LabBuddy this year to support them in their practicals.

We are very proud reaching this number as we strive for better practical education and in the end students with true researching skills.

LabBuddy celebrates its 10th anniversary!

November 9, 2008: Koos van der Kolk started LabBuddy as a spin-off of his PH.D. degree. His research and drive to improve laboratory education brought him and his team 10 years later at a point where all universities in the Netherlands use his LabBuddy e-learning tool. These universities are still expanding with LabBuddy and new implementations in higher education in the Netherlands and several international universities underline the success and belief that Koos had 10 years ago.

The entire labBuddy team congratulates Koos with this wonderful milestone!

We have celebrated this milestone together with Koos his family, colleagues and a beautiful cake detailed with all the special components that LabBuddy has to offer.

Leiden University

We are very proud that Marjo de Graauw of the Leiden University has chosen LabBuddy to emphasize the importance of having well thought didactical lab eduction. This choice is awarded with the SURF Education award nomination! Read all about it by clicking the link:

(credits to Jenifer Fransen and Milou van Leeuwen)

and watch this video!

Our tweet overview

We start making the LabBuddy implementation for the lab course "Building blocks of life" for the first year's students Human Health and Life Sciences @VUamsterdam

We start making the LabBuddy implementation for the first year course Biological Forensic Research @HogeschoolvAmsterdam

Do you want to know what LabBuddy is? Within two minutes you'll find out:

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The course "Biochemistry" for first year students of the courses Chemistry and Biology @univgroningen will be given with LabBuddy.

In 2019 LabBuddy has been used 30% more than in 2018! In 2020, we hope that even more students can learn doing research using LabBuddy. We are proud that LabBuddy has been used in Belgium and Germany and hope that many other countries will follow. Merry Christmas & Happy 2020!

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