Technical details

Accessible anywhere anytime

LabBuddy is a web based application. It works on all devices with a modern web browser (IE11 and higher, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). The application itself is lightweight and has no special demands for network bandwidth etc. Nevertheless, teachers might want use high-definition instruction videos, for which enough bandwidth should be available.

LabBuddy primary use case is in the laboratory, while students are carrying out their experiments. This means that (WiFi) internet connections should be available in the lab. Plastic bags can be used to protect smartphones/tablets against moisture, microorganisms and chemicals.




Information security

Kryt B.V. operates an information security management system which complies with the requirements is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for the development, delivery and support of e-learning software, as defined by management and in accordance with our statement of applicability. You can request this statement of applicability.


Personal data

Information of and about students and teachers (name, e-mail address, results) is treated as strictly confidential. Our servers are located in an ISO27001 compliant data center in The Netherlands. Upon request, we can also take into account other special laws and regulations.

Availability & backups

We guarantee 99.5% uptime. In 2016 the uptime was 99.91%. Of the 0.09% downtime 0.073% was scheduled. Backups are made according the industry’s best practices.

Encrypted connections

All connections to our services require SSL. Click here for live test results


Currently there are three ways in which users can authenticate:

  • E-mail address and a strong password.
  • Blackboard™: using the RichURL building block in BlackBoard™
  • SurfConext (fall 2016)

For administrators two factor authentication is mandatory. For users with with elevated rights (e.g. teachers) this can be made mandatory as well.

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