Use watch-dogs in the lab?

Andrea Postmus Staff asked 1 year ago

Do you expect to make use of Corona-measurement watch dogs during your practicals? E.g. one TA that is keeping an eye on that all students and supervisors follow the 1.5 m rule?

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Andrea Postmus Staff answered 1 year ago

At WUR we try to contact all the individual teachers to talk about the new way of executing labs. We also make a protocol on how to maintain the COVID rules in the lab (this could be shared)
As discussed in the webinar we are writing a general document regarding use of practical labs with the Covid-19 rules as a framework. The concept document is available for everyone and you can receive it by sending an email to

Andrea Postmus Staff answered 1 year ago

It is certainly a good idea to have an extra TA in the lab to keep an eye on rules and assist (extra pair of hands and eyes).

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