Implementation / pricing

Our goal: to offload teachers

Teachers have many things on their mind. That is why we offer a unique worry-free implementation service:

  1. Teacher sends us laboratory manual.
  2. We create interactive questions, feedback, illustrations, etc. and put everything in LabBuddy.
  3. Teacher receives fully functional LabBuddy.

We also support teachers via an in-built chat, via phone or via e-mail.

Implementation workflow

cognitive load laboratory

Usually the implementation of LabBuddy at a new institution or department is as follows:

  1. We give a demonstration of LabBuddy for a group of teachers and supervisors.
  2. Together we pick one pilot course.
  3. The teacher sends us the laboratory manual of the pilot course.
  4. We make a quotation of the project, student/teacher access and support.
  5. Quotation is accepted.
  6. Together with teachers we discuss and, if necessary, improve the learning outcomes of the pilot course.
  7. We create a new LabBuddy site and give teachers access.
  8. We create/update ExperDs, webLMs and Closed Questions based on the laboratory manual and teacher preferences/feedback.
  9. The teacher gives feedback. We go back to step 8 until teacher is completely satisfied.
  10. The pilot itself.
  11. We evaluate the pilot based on student surveys and a discussion with all teachers involved.
  12. LabBuddy is implemented in the course.

The lead time between step 1 and 12 is usually 6 months, but we also have done 6 week implementations.

Price model

We offer LabBuddy as a Software As Service solution. In our price model we distinguish between student/teacher access, support and project based work.


LabBuddy works with yearly student subscriptions. We sell these subscriptions to educational institutions (not to individual students).

Teachers and teaching assistants get free access to LabBuddy and its back end.


We consider technical support to be included in the student subscriptions. Functional support can be obtained by means of prepaid 15 min support credits.


We offer consultancy on laboratory course development on an hourly basis. Consultancy is most often included in LabBuddy implementation projects.


We can do LabBuddy implementations, customizations and software development on a project basis.

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