Donated laboratory courses overview

These courses are donated by lab teachers who wants to support their colleagues who have a need to change rapidly their current curriculum into e-learning / distance learning due to all current Corona restrictions. 

These LabBuddy courses may contain full content where students prepare for the actual lab course and execute the lab course via e-learning as well (besides the lab skills off course) and perform a final report with student results of earlier executed experiments.

In this overview you will find the complete list of May 4 2020. In case of interest please send us an email to:

There may have been new entries to this list, please contact us to receive the latest update of the list. 

Subject Implementation title
Organic chemistry Acid-base Extraction: APC tablets
Organic chemistry Distillation: Fractional distillation
Organic chemistry Synthesis of a chemoluminescent oxalic acid ester
Organic chemistry Synthesis of an oxalic acid ester
Organic chemistry Bromination and elimination
Organic chemistry Bromination
Organic chemistry Solid phase synthesis
Organic chemistry Michaelis-Arbuzov & Wadsword-Emmons reaction
Organic chemistry Aromatic Nitration and Reduction
Analytical chemistry
Virtual Chromium determination using UV-Vis spectroscopy
Biology Basispracticum 1 & 2
Biology Biologie van het Organisme: Plant
Biology Moleculaire Biologie
Biology Biochemie
Biology Moleculaire Microbiologie
Biopharmaceutical sciences Cellulaire Biochemie
Biopharmaceutical sciences Biofarmacie en fysica
Motion science EMG of arm movement
Motion science EMG of hopping movement
Biomedical sciences pH-dependency of enzymatic reactions
Biomedical sciences Spectrophotometry of nitrophenol
Biomedical sciences Creatinine clearance
Biomedical sciences Vitamin C determination
Biomedical sciences EMG lab
Biomedical sciences DNA practical
Biomedical sciences Toluidine blue determination
Biomedical sciences Commensal Microbiota and Antimicrobial Resistance
Biomedical sciences IgA detection with ELISA
Biomedical sciences TBARS: Determinants of lipid peroxidation
Geoscience Geochemical Processes at the Earth’s Surface
Biochemistry Protein Stability
Biomedical Sciences Molecular Pathology
Psychobiology Genetica & Evolutie
Psychobiology Celbiologie & Psychobiologie
Psychobiology Molecular Cell Biology
Biomedical sciences Molecular Cell Biology
Biomedical Sciences Molecular techniques
Medicine DNA practical
Biochemistry Biologische Chemie