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Everything about LabBuddy is organized in such a way that teachers and their environment enjoy a smooth transition to a better way of working, after which they can reap the benefits of the solution without worrying about technology, security or other aspects. By presenting only information that is relevant to the situation, it reduces the cognitive load and allows students to focus on what matters. We are there to support our users in any way they need.

Our team

Experienced and passionate about education


LabBuddy is rooted in science of education

Technical details

A lightweight web-app with tight information security


Minimal workload for teachers and assistants


LabBuddy is Software as a Service

The LabBuddy team

Decades of specialized experience, plus a passion for education

The team that developed, maintains and supports LabBuddy consists of a range of specialists in their own field, sharing a passion for education. Their combined knowledge and experience enables the users of LabBuddy to provide the best possible lab education with a minimum of effort.

  • Koos van der Kolk, Ph.D.
    CEO, LabBuddy evangelist
    Koos van der Kolk, Ph.D.
    CEO, LabBuddy evangelist

    I love to explain difficult subjects to my three little sons, and watch the twinkle appear in their eyes when they suddenly understand something new.

    After graduating in Bioprocess Engineering, I started pursuing a Ph.D. degree at the Wageningen University laboratory of Food Chemistry. My main assignment was to design and evaluate an e-learning solution to improve food chemistry laboratory education. Eventually my research let to a dissertation and several e-learning tools, which we bundled under the umbrella of LabBuddy. Because we saw a great future for LabBuddy, Tijmen and I decided to bring the tools to the market.

    My job is to ensure the development of LabBuddy so that it increasingly supports students and teachers in the laboratory. It is also my responsibility to make sure our company runs as smoothly as possible. Making other people’s lives easier greatly energizes me, especially if it can be done with high-tech e-learning tools like LabBuddy.

  • Rens van Wingerden
    Commercial director and int. business developer
    Rens van Wingerden
    Commercial director and int. business developer
  • Albert Rhemrev
    Software developer
    Albert Rhemrev
    Software developer
  • Tineke Bijl, M.Sc.
    E-learning developer
    Tineke Bijl, M.Sc.
    E-learning developer

    I like to create e-learning that results in better understanding for students, so that they have a clear overview of the practical and understand what they are doing.

    In my role as an e-learning developer I help teachers to maximize the potential of LabBuddy in their laboratory courses. This means I advise and support teachers and create e-learning content.

    My MSc in biology provides me with the knowledge and higher order thinking skills to create e-learning content on a level that aligns with the courses. During the internship for my teaching certificate I became acquainted with the teaching profession from the teacher’s perspective.

    My personal interest in website building helps me to efficiently implement a course in LabBuddy and deliver teacher support.

  • Carolien Koppejan, B.Sc.
    Account manager
    Carolien Koppejan, B.Sc.
    Account manager

    I just love calling and connecting with people.

    I studied International Development Studies at Wageningen University and have been working for NGOs, and I would like to see a fair distribution of resources in the world.

    I believe that every teacher likes to save some time for deeper questions about the practicals and in this way improve the learning outcome. I enjoy hearing how enthusiastic students and teachers are and it motivates me to make LabBuddy more widely known.

  • Bianca Bakker
    Bianca Bakker
  • Tila Menzel, Ph.D.
    E-learning developer
    Tila Menzel, Ph.D.
    E-learning developer

    I like to help students to gain a thorough understanding about the practical activities they are engaged in, and to make teaching easier for instructors.

    During my time as an as a BSc and MSc student, I was part of many practicals and often wished that instructors would provide more information. Later, during my time as a PhD student at Wageningen UR, I was giving practicals to students and came to understand the time limitations of the instructors as well as how routine procedures become self-explanatory to instructors over time. I wish a had had Labbuddy available when I was a student, and genuinely believe that Labbuddy can bring students and instructors closer, by preventing cognitive overload situations.

  • Andrea Klüche Postmus M.Sc.
    E-learning developer
    Andrea Klüche Postmus M.Sc.
    E-learning developer
  • Vadim Gnidashev
    Software developer - Seconded from Alpha Web Group
    Vadim Gnidashev
    Software developer - Seconded from Alpha Web Group
  • Rob Hartog, Ph.D.
    E-learning consultant
    Rob Hartog, Ph.D.
    E-learning consultant

    I am always in search of tools and ideas that leverage the efforts of teachers and give them satisfaction.

    I support other team members by providing requirements for e-learning solutions and evaluating e-learning solutions, partly based on my own experience of several decades as a teacher and e-learning project manager, but also of course on the large body of scientific literature in the relevant disciplines.

    I like to think about visualization of basic scientific concepts, diagramming and infographics. Also, I have been interested in research paradigms for a long time. In particular I would like to see education as a design and engineering challenge and to connect this with a design-related research paradigm. I expect that this would enable us to improve the quality of our education methods.

  • Tijmen Bakker, Ph.D.
    Business developer/Finance
    Tijmen Bakker, Ph.D.
    Business developer/Finance

    I like to transform insights obtained by scientific research into valuable products for the real world.

    During my PhD research I discovered that much available knowledge is barely used in practice, although it has the potential to be transformed into valuable products and viable business models. Also, commercial R&D is often just a step-by-step improvement of existing technology, which does do not allow for completely new and different value propositions based upon a coherent underlying knowledge base. That is a pity, because transforming knowledge into valuable products, like we do at LabBuddy, is a proven way to improve people’s lives.

    I love to understand the process of value creation and to contribute by applying this for the benefit of people and the success of LabBuddy. My work is like sailing (something I love to do in my free time): a trip is never exactly as you envisioned it, and exactly that constitutes its charm.

Corporate social responsibility

We strongly believe that good education can be a driving force to fight poverty. That is why we invest in a youth development project.

We also believe that it is our responsibility to fight climate change. We do this by planting trees (Dutch website) to compensate for our CO2 production.

Please contact us if you would like to receive more information on this topic.

You can view our certificate here!

Backed by the science of education

To ensure that LabBuddy yields maximum results in real-life laboratory education, its design requirements were derived from hundreds of peer-reviewed papers and books. Some underlying theories are: the ‘four-component instructional design’ (4C/ID) model by Van Merrienboer et al.; Mayer’s cognitive theory of multimedia learning (CTML); cognitive load theory (CLT – John Sweller); and constructive alignment theory (CAT) by John Biggs.

For more details please visit the dedicated ‘Background’ page.

Accessible when and where you need it

LabBuddy is a web-based application. It works on all devices with a modern web browser (IE11 and higher, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). LabBuddy does not impose special demands for network bandwidth, but when teachers want to use high-definition instruction videos, sufficient bandwidth should be available.

LabBuddy is used primarily in the laboratory, while students are carrying out their experiments. This means that (WiFi) internet connections should be available in the lab. Plastic bags can be used to protect smartphones and tablets against moisture, microorganisms and chemicals.

State-of-the-art information security

Kryt B.V., the company responsible for LabBuddy, operates an information security management system that complies with the requirements in ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for the development, delivery and support of e-learning software, as defined by management and in accordance with our statement of applicability. We will send you this statement of applicability on request.

Personal data

All information about students and teachers (names, e-mail addresses, results) is treated as strictly confidential. Our servers are located in an ISO27001 compliant data center in the Netherlands. Upon request, we can also take into account other specific laws and regulations.

Encrypted connections

All connections to our services require SSL. Click here for live test results.

Availability and backups

We guarantee 99.5% uptime. In 2016 the uptime was 99.91%.  Of the 0.09% downtime 0.073% was scheduled. Backups are made according the industry’s best practices.


Users can currently authenticate in three ways:

  • E-mail address and a strong password.
  • LTI connection (external learning tool).

For administrators, two-factor authentication is mandatory. For users with elevated rights (e.g. teachers) it can be made mandatory as well.

Implementation with minimal teacher effort

As a teacher you have many things on your mind, and implementing LabBuddy comes on top of that. That is why we have developed a unique worry-free implementation service, in which we do most of the work. All you have to do is send us the laboratory manual.

We create interactive questions, feedback, illustrations, etc. and put everything in LabBuddy. From the first time you receive access to LabBuddy, it is fully functional. While you are using LabBuddy, support is available via the inbuilt chat function as well as via phone or email.

Implementation workflow

The implementation of LabBuddy at a new institution or department is usually as follows:

  1. We give a demonstration of LabBuddy for a group of teachers and supervisors.
  2. Together we pick one pilot course.
  3. The teacher sends us the laboratory manual of the pilot course.
  4. We make a quotation of the project, including student/teacher access and support.
  5. The quotation is accepted.
  6. Together with the teachers we discuss and, if necessary, improve the learning outcomes of the pilot course.
  7. We create a new LabBuddy site and give the teachers access.
  8. We create or update the site, based on the laboratory manual and teacher preferences.
  9. The teacher gives feedback. We go back to step 8 until the teacher is completely satisfied.
  10. LabBuddy is tested in the pilot course.
  11. We evaluate the pilot based on student surveys and a discussion with all teachers involved.
  12. LabBuddy is implemented in the course.

The lead time between step 1 and 12 is usually 6 months, but we have also done 6 week implementations.

Subscription-based pricing

LabBuddy is offered as a Software as a Service solution. In our price model we distinguish between student/teacher access, support and project based work.


LabBuddy works with yearly student subscriptions. We sell these subscriptions to educational institutions (not to individual students). Teachers and teaching assistants get free access to LabBuddy and its back end.


We consider technical support to be included in the student subscriptions. Functional support can be obtained by means of prepaid 15-minute support credits.


We offer consultancy on laboratory course development on an hourly basis. Consultancy is often included in LabBuddy implementation projects.


We can do LabBuddy implementations, customizations and software development on a project basis.

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